Where did I go? Well, nowhere exactly; I just wasn’t HERE! Here, of course, being WordPress. Allow me to elaborate, if I may.

I think any who have been reading here for a couple of years know that, every few months I just sort of disappear for a few weeks. Sometimes I say something; sometimes I don’t. This time I said nothing, I just went POOF!

I love blogging, and honestly feel I have been called to do this as part of my personal ministry for Jesus Christ. I love the writing, of course, and I especially love the chances to interact with other believers, seekers of truth, and even those who don’t believe at all.

So, what’s your problem you say? Here it is.

I am a “doer.” I like to fancy myself as a man of action, meaning if I am not in action, I feel like I am wasting myself. An idle mind is the Devil’s playground and all that stuff. I like to see results, I like to solve problems, and I like to slay dragons. I have a real tendency to pack my life out so full that there is no wiggle room left. I pretty much work 7 days a week; to me a day off is just a day when I don’t actually go out in the field; all the other stuff I do I still do. At church I teach every Sunday night and am on the rotations for Sunday Mornings. Of course, I also have this little, “like to hang with the family,” thing going also.

I am very, very disciplined and regimented. When things are good, I more or less know what I plan to do on any given day. I map it out from 400 in the morning until 1000 at night, with not much wiggle room along the way. Time wise, everything has a place, and there is a place for everything, to use a cliche. That doesn’t mean every minute is planned; that would be impossible in my job. It just means the framework around which I build my day is very firm.

Sometimes things go haywire, especially the things of work. Programs change, requirements change, and expectations change. As the boss, and a front line manager, it falls on me and the other 25 field managers to actually make all of the new stuff work with the guys who actually put feet on the ground and do the work. So basically, we all have to be available almost constantly to get all this done through a combination of teaching, encouragement, and enforcement.

I am also very, very pragmatic and compartmentalized by nature. I pretty easily separate the various things in my life from each other. It makes it really easy for me to toss things off of the lifeboat of life when it gets overcrowded and the only answer is to jettison something so that the rest may survive.

It can’t be work. On a side note: I work because I want to. I want to eat. I want to have a vehicle. I want to have a home. You get the picture! It won’t be church or my responsibilities there for sure. It won’t be family, especially since I have one that will put up with me LOL.

That really only leaves blogging to be tossed over the side. I do, however, keep a line tied to it so I can pull it back in the boat when the storm settles.

Blessings and peace!