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Here a Meal, There a Meal, Everywhere a Meal!

To say cruising is about, in large part, the dining would be a really big understatement. It’s actually quite the focal point(sadly for the waistline I fear.) It’s more than just food; it is an experience. For today, I’ll just be sharing a few notes and some yummy pictures of some of the high points.

Food is EVERYWHERE. If one desires, they can literally eat 24 hours a day. Want fast food? Got it. Want a lazy brunch? Got it. Want a quick buffet? Got it. Want something a little more formal, that is almost an event in itself? Got that too!

Our first stop on board was Guy’s Burger Joint, as it is open for those coming on board already hungry. That would be Guy Fieri of Food Network fame. He isn’t actually there of course, but who needs him if we have his burgers and hand cut fries?


For those who want breakfast, but don’t want to roll out at breakfast time, there is a really nice sit-down brunch. Cool pretty fruit faces too!


Pasta Bella is a really great pasta bar, and a regular stop for us. You fill out a check sheet with your pasta, meat, sauce and vegetable preference, drop it off and like magic your own creations shows up in about 5 minutes.

Evening dining is a bit more formal, being a full-service event with multiple courses. They have a standard menu and special items for each evening. Like more than one thing? No problem, just order it and you can have it. I took full advantage of that on lobster night, and had my fill of steak and lobster!

Some main events

And of course desert!


Late Dining

For the first years cruising, we ate a lot at the buffets. We had no clue what we were missing, as the sit-down evening dining is quite the event. We had 815 late dining, which turned out to work out very nicely. It’s a happening in and of itself and lasts for a couple of hours. The advantage to assigned dining is that you have the same table and staff every night, and by the end of the week everybody is almost friends. It’s also a great way to connect with the whole family every day. We don’t make the youngster hang out with us all day, but evening dining is a command performance.

Still an even on every cruise is at least one Formal night, where jacket and tie are still almost mandatory. I say almost because the dress codes have become a lot more relaxed over the years.

Our staff this year were Wesley, from Nigeria and Tri, from Indonesia. Nice fellow, and always very attentive, friendly and fast; in fact, they were almost the perfect wait staff. Part of the evening events is usually some form of entertainment, usually performed by the staff and participated in by the passengers. Not me. I don’t dance, period. I have to major theological problem with it but am just goofy so I don’t bother. 20180319_201959

And of course more food!



Hey Grandpa!!! What’s for Supper? Smoker Edition

Well it’s Christmas, and turkey in on the menu. Most importantly, it’s a great chance to use the smoker I got for Christmas LAST year. It’s seriously big, and two turkeys hardly make a dent in the room. Two, because we have to have one for Christmas Eve supper, and one for the actual Christmas dinner on Monday.

Let the brining begin!!

The smoker at work


And…..the end result!!!


!!!YUM YUM!!!

Hey Grandpa!!! What’s for Lunch???

A rather nice hash brown, bacon and egg skillet, that’s what!

Just fry it up and toss on some hot sauce and it’s on


YUM!!! YUM!!!

Hey Grandpa!!! What’s For Dessert???

Fig jam on graham crackers. Just invented it.


Yum!!! Yum!!!

Hey!!! Grandpa!!! What’s For Dessert???

Blueberry pound cake with FRESH blueberries


Disclaimer: I did NOT make this. But, I am in good with the cook.

Yum!!! Yum!!!


Hey Grandpa!!! What’s for Supper???


Grilled boneless chicken breasts

Johnsonville Bratwursts

My secret recipe Twice Baked Potatoes


!!!YUM YUM!!!

Wow!!!! Nice Butt!!!

No offense with the title I hope LOL.

This has been my mission since well before dawn today

40 pounds of pulled pork butt


Yum!!! Yum!!!


Hey Grandpa!!! What’s For Supper???

Well, I am a bachelor tonight, as the rest of the family went to Little Rock to see some country singer or another at Verizon Arena. I rarely go anywhere on Saturday nights, as I have teaching responsibilities on Sundays. Tomorrow I teach morning AND night. In the morning I have the Adult I class, which I teach on a rotation with some other men, and in the evening I have my Young Teen class, which is mine every Sunday night.

So, it’s fend for myself night. When I cook for just me, odds are high it will involve something deep fried, cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and something spicy. And of course, it will always be heart healthy LOL. Tonight was no exception

Crinkle cut fries, covered in colby/jack cheese, real bacon, and diced tomatoes and jalapeno peppers.


!!! Yum Yum !!!

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