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It’s that time again. Great artwork and poetry from Paul and Kathhy Boecher. Enjoy

Is the Cumulative Evidence for Christianity Strong or Weak?

From Bruce at Reasoned Cases for Christ

My comment:

Bruce thanks for this great collection of links. Of course, there is much very compelling evidence for Christianity being true; however, as you said, in the end, it is about our hearts and faith. No amount of logic will ever convince a person who refuses to believe to believe. We as believers also ought not to be ashamed that, in the end, our faith is just that….faith. God loves faith. If He loves it, then that is good enough for me.

From the post:

The links below are some of the informational links that are available on the Internet which support the strong cumulative evidence for Christianity. However, before you check them out I think it is prudent to make a quote from J. Warner Wallace’s book entitled Cold Case Christianity with regard to the bias that all of us have.

“Make no mistake about it, all of us have a point of view; all of us hold opinions and ideas that color the way we see the world. Anyone who tells you that he (or she) is completely objective and devoid of presuppositions has another more important problem: that person is either astonishingly naive or a liar.”

What that means for me is that someone who, in his/her heart, fundamentally hates God or refuses to accept the possibility of His existence, and/or does not earnestly seek to know Him, is not going to be persuaded by mountains of evidence and reasoning, however cogently presented. I am not saying that faith is unreasonable or that the Christian faith, in particular, is irrational. Nor am I saying that evidence and rational argumentation are without purpose. Surely reason plays a necessary role in every conversion. But non-believers are fundamentally biased because they refuse to acknowledge the possibility of the existence of God and have either decided to actively or inactively pursue or hold that bias. Conversely, the worldview of those of us who hold onto the belief and trust in the finished work of Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, on the cross for our redemption, hold a different worldview and have accordingly decided to pursue a different bias.

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Wisdom for This Day

This is usually Pat’s Post on Wednesdays at Beholding Him Ministries. It’s good for a Tuesday, too, though. Enjoy.

From the post:

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31

Blessings today! It is Wisdom Wednesday and today the Lord will minister to our hearts in regards to leadership. He is our Leader and may the Scriptures and quotes below bring encouragement, instruction, and correction. Great is our God and greatly to be praised!

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From Kathy at A Time to Share.

More great artwork and poetry from Paul and Kathy Boecher.

From the post:

We travel the highway of life, depending upon the road,

Some trails have been blazed before us, as others their burdens towed.

Yet there are still roads untraveled, paths filled with trials unknown,

A bridge that cannot be walked on, a trail we’d rather postpone,

The thorns that pierce through shoe leather, the vines that wrap round your feet,

Obstacles laid out before you, seem difficult to complete,

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From Vwoods 1212.

Good thing to think about here. How much do we miss out on because God awaits us?

From the post:

God : hides from us sometimes…

James 4:8 (KJV) “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.”

I think what I am about to describe is a place where we all have been at some point in our Christian walk. We decide to commit to the relationship and enter into a realm never experience in our lives.

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From Becky at A Christian Worldview of Fiction.

Becky said, “God is using this time to bring in those who will sit at His banqueting table. And He’s using us to get all the invites out.

What a great point that is. Of course, God wants us to study His Word, and learn it; but, I think sometimes we get so bogged down in the specifics of the future that we forget we still have a very important mission to accomplish in the here and now.

From the post:

When I was little I remember waiting . . . a lot. I remember waiting for my mom when we went shopping. I remember waiting for my birthday, which was hard. I mean, my sister had a birthday, and then four days later, my brother had a birthday. Mine? I had to wait another seven-plus months. Then there was Christmas. As soon as it was over, I remember waiting for the next one. I wanted one of those count-down calendars in the worst way. Anything to make the time seem like it was going.

Oh, and then there were the trips. We took a lot of car trips as a family. And I was one to ask with some frequency, are we there yet? I took up map reading as a way to answer my own question because I could tell, my parents were getting tired of it.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

Is God the true God? What about other gods?

From Michael at Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts.

From the post:

We live in world of covetousness and idolatry. Money, self-indulgence, hedonism, materialism, agnosticism and atheism reign. I am regularly asked about why my god is god. What about other gods?

So here is some elementary theology for atheists and agnostics. What is the difference between gods (1000s) and God (only one)? God is a single, non-physical, all-powerful, creative Being from outside space & time. All the gods are human-like manifestations of human imagination with some magical powers.

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The Lord Bless You And Keep You …

From Charlie at Learning From God’s Word. Charlie writes great short devotionals and thoughts; go check his place out.

From the post:

Numbers 6:22-27

There’s nothing better than God’s blessing. It’s nice to have friends. People like you. It feels good. God’s blessing – That’s so much better. Friends come and go. God’s blessing remains. You can be surrounded by friends – and still feel very lonely. Sometimes, they’re great friends. Sometimes, they disappoint us. When you’re surrounded by God’s blessing, everything’s very different. God will never disappoint us. He’s our “always and forever” Friend. His blessing is an “every day” blessing. It’s not just a “now and again” thing. It’s an “all the days of our life” thing. Everywhere we look, we see God. We look to the hills. We see our Creator. We look to the Cross. We see our Saviour. We are blessed by our Creator. We are blessed by our Saviour.
How do we enjoy God’s blessing?

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Are you willing to relocate?

From Efua at Grace Over Pain. Real food for thought here on how we respond to God’s call in our lives.

From the post:

Inasmuch as we don’t like change, the truth is that we change daily. From physiological changes, to personal views, from marital status to employment status. Change is something synonymous with life. Whether we like it or not, we are changing in some way.

Despite this, there are certain changes that we naturally don’t gravitate towards. The more we live, the more we realise that we have made several changes in life. Maybe our friendship circle has changed, we have changed church, if you are like me, you have changed location. All of which comes with their own challenges.

Some times change is necessary for growth. In the bible, God told people to leave their location. Some others relocated as a result of situations orchestrated by God. Abram, Sarah, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Esther and many others left what they knew and moved into an environment where they became strangers.

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