Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry



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If you believe that, anything else in God’s Word makes perfect sense; if you don’t, nothing will


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When we discuss our faith, especially when it gets heated….is our objective to be RIGHT, or is it to see souls saved?


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You don’t receive the Holy Spirit because of what you do. You receive the Holy Spirit because of who you know, that being the Lord Jesus Christ

Roger Copeland


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The thing about faith that I have found to be true is that it is created to push us towards actions. Fear, or no fear. Obstacle, or no obstacle. None of these things matters. If you have faith, even a very small amount of faith, it will nudge you to go, to do, and to be a braver version of yourself!

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We don’t know how much time we have here on this earth. Are we ready for the end when it comes?

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Jesus Satisfies

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It is God’s will to give us wisdom, but it is also His will that we ask for it.

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Not only do we read the Bible, but the Bible reads US

Adrian Rogers

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You see, when you have one of those ‘no agenda’ prayers, God opens the doors to things that you had not thought to ask for.

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