Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry



Just a Thought

love jesus

If somebody took a poll of 10 of your acquaintances and asked them the most notable thing about you, how many of them would say: “Oh they really love Jesus!?”


Just a Thought

Colossians 1.16

The question is not whether or not Jesus is Lord of our lives, because He is; the question is do we accept that and serve Him


Just a thought

Matthew 6.13

Just because we can pray to God to deliver us from temptation doesn’t mean we need to put ourselves right in front of it

Just a Thought

Matthew 22.21.JPG

In a few weeks many of us will grudgingly begin rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s

Do we have that same attitude when rendering unto God what is His?

Just a Thought

2 Peter 3.8

God is always on time

Just a Thought

Jesus coming soon

If you knew for certain that Jesus was coming back tomorrow, would you act any different today than you did yesterday?

Just a Thought

A Christian’s work is not done as long as there is one single lost person remaining on the Earth.

A Preacher

Just a Thought

Psalm 100.JPG

Next time you are complaining that you “didn’t get anything from church,” you ought to remember the point is actually for us to give. To God.

Just a Thought

my way gods way

Is God in the driver’s seat of our lives, or is He in the back seat or worse, the trunk?

Courtesy of Ray Comfort

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