Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry



Just a Thought

When you feel far away from God?

Guess what?

It’s NOT God who has wandered off!

Just a Thought


If we want to be able to WIELD authority, we must be willing to be UNDER authority

Just a Thought


What if right now is YOUR time? What will YOU do?

Just a Thought


Why do we find God’s chastisement of us so uncomfortable? It should actually be very comforting to us.

Just a Thought

psalm 46_1.jpg

When we have earthly problems, we always need to remember we have Heavenly help

Just a Thought


Maybe church should be more like ranching.

Ever notice ranchers don’t spend much time talking about how to get cattle to come to the ranch, but a LOT of time talking about what to feed them?

Just a Thought

romans 1_20.jpg

Even though GOD says we have no excuse, WE seem to persist in trying to find some

Just a Thought


Are we like a mule, or do we follow our Lord with love and willingly?

Just a Thought


We can fool ourselves

We can fool others

We can never fool God

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