Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry



Just a Thought

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If we only present the Gospel to those we are “comfortable” with, how many will never hear?

Just a Thought


How many turn away from Jesus because He doesn’t fit into THEIR plan of life?

Just a Thought


Sincerity means NOTHING if one is simply sincerely wrong

Just a Thought

jesus saves

Religion never saves

Just a Thought

When you feel far away from God?

Guess what?

It’s NOT God who has wandered off!

Just a Thought

jeremiah 20_9.png

When folks get on fire for The Lord, do we fan the flames or toss water on them?

Just a Thought

If your preacher follows every scripture with:

“Let me tell you what this means to ME!”

Say adios

Just a Thought


Hey! What gives God the right to tell me how to live?!

In the beginning….God

That’s what

Just a Thought


Without sacrifice, is it really service?

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