Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry



Just a Thought

Acts 1_8

Remember this when the thought of witnessing to another makes you nervous:

We are called to be witnesses, not lawyers.


Just a Thought

Ephesians 4_29

Before we speak:

Is it true?

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?


Just a Thought

Ephesians 4_32.JPG

Beloved, sometimes we just need to cut a brother or sister a little slack

Just a Thought

Exodus 34_14.JPG

What “god” are WE serving?

Just a Thought

luke 8_24.JPG

When we are in a storm, Jesus is not with us in the shelter.

He IS the shelter

Just a Thought

Jeremiah 1_8.JPG

Christian witness, don’t be afraid of those guys. God has your back

Just a Thought

Acts 4_12.JPG

Not your works

Not your sacraments

Not your good intentions

Not your sincerity

Just Jesus

Just a Thought

Matthew 28_19.JPG

The lost generally aren’t running to ask us about Jesus; we have to go to them

Just a Thought

Acts 20_31

The greatest asset for any soul winner is not vast theological knowledge, but a simple burden for the lost.

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