Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry



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How can people claim to love God when their attitude toward others does not drive them to help those in need?

Sunday School Quarterly


Just a Thought

my way gods way

When you have a difference of opinion with God?

God’s right.

Just a Thought

know jesus

Jesus, as God, has the power to both save us and keep us forever

Just a Thought

jesus saves

Are we pretending righteousness, or do we have the true, eternal righteousness of Jesus in us?

Just a Thought

isaiah 28_16

Life is NOT a do-it-yourself project

We need the Master Builder

Just a Thought


All of our needs pale in comparison to our need for salvation

Just a Thought


God never promises to remove every difficulty and obstacle from our lives.

He will, however, remove the things that are obstacles to us doing His will

Just a Thought

isaiah 41_10.JPG

Lack of understanding on our part does not mean lack of a plan on God’s Part

Just a Thought

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To often we say:

“Show me, Lord, and I will go.”

That’s not how it works.

We are to go, then perhaps He will show us

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