Ezekiel 34_12

Ezekiel 34:7-12

In A.D 70 the Roman armies overran and destroyed the city of Jerusalem, and the Jewish people were scattered throughout the world and were for some 1900 years. This prophecy addressed a real, physical scattering of God’s chosen. The fulfillment of this prophecy therefore had to include a real, physical gathering together again of God’s chosen. On May 14, 1948 a huge piece of many prophecies concerning the gathering of God’s chosen people was fulfilled when the nation of Israel was once again in existence on this Earth.

What does this mean to us today? It means, simply, that God’s promises never fail. While it may seem sometime as if God has forgotten us today, this is simply not true. The Jewish people waited almost 1900 hundred years for God to gather them back to The Promised land. During this time they endured affliction and persecution on a scale we will likely never see. The efforts to eradicate them have been relentless. In fact, the nation of Israel happened at the end of the greatest of them all, The Holocaust, in which some 6 million of God’s chosen people were murdered.

Friends, God never forgot those who were scattered in 70 A.D, and He will not forget you either. No matter what Satan and the world hurl at you, God has promised a better, glorious future for all who believe. Have heart, and believe that He is planning that for you also!