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Welcome to Philippians Chapter 4-Let’s Visit For a While

Philippians 4

Philippians Chapter 4

I often struggle with what to write about. That usually happens when I try to “force” some topic or another. Things generally go a LOT better when I just react to the leading of the Holy Spirit and write about what I have read and studied.

At any rate, this quarter at church we are Studying “Growing in Love, Joy and Knowledge.” We are studying Philemon, Philippians and Colossians for our study this quarter.

At any rate, we are going to park here in Chapter 4 for a while. As usual, I have no idea how long that will be, and I have no real plan. I am just studying verse by verse, passage by passage, and sharing any special things I may learn and my vague thoughts.

Stay tuned and I hope you are blessed.



Just a Thought


I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see

Opening Our Eyes to Spiritual Understanding

ephesians 1 18_19

Ephesians 1:15-19

Many of us notice our ability to read words on a page decline over the years. In many cases it may be the same book we have been reading for years, such as our favorite Bible. The problem is not that something has gone wrong with the book, but that something has gone wrong with our eyes! We need something to help us see better. My wife has recently suffered through this, and readers have been the thing that has helped her.

When we receive the gift of salvation from Jesus Christ through repentance and faith, our spiritual eyes are opened; we are no longer spiritually blind. Like our physical sight, our ability to discern the things of God will change as we mature in our Christian lives. There is one big difference between our physical sight and spiritual sight, however; God expects our ability to see the things of God to get better rather than worse as we mature in the faith. Like reading glasses for our physical sight, we also have help for our spiritual sight.

To those who believe, He gives “the exceeding greatness of his power,” to help us improve our vision over the years. An interesting note here is that in verse 19 the word translated “power,” is from the Greek word dunamis, from which we get our word, “dynamite.” Dynamite is powerful stuff, and it is truly a comfort to know we have that kind of power to help us grow in spiritual vision.


I’m a sinner…

Well, I am certainly glad God doesn’t keep count, but only counts the fact that Jesus paid for all of my sin. Good stuff here. Comments closed here; blessings and enjoy!

I don’t know about you, but I am so thankful for the grace of God in my life. I make many mistakes. I am not a perfect person. I will never be perfect no matter how hard I try. I am simply a flawed woman who has a perfect Creator. A flawless Savior.

I’m simply a woman who has an amazing God who forgives much.

I’m very thankful that my LORD keeps no record of our sin.

His Word clearly tells us that if He did keep a record of our transgressions, not one of us could stand. Not one of us would emerge unscathed by His wrath. One translation says, “who, O LORD, could ever survive?”

We are nothing without His mercy. Nothing without His grace.

Without the undeserved and yet miraculous forgiveness of our sins, we would all be hopeless. Helpless. Doomed for an eternity in hell.


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Just a Thought

1 john 3_2

Some day we will see Jesus, and all things, as they really are.

A Blind Man in Bethsaida is Healed

Mark 8_24

Mark 8:22-24

Have you ever woken up in the morning or after a nap, rubbed your eyes and notice things were just a little fuzzy. Most of us don’t wake up, open our eyes and see things crystal clear. Most of us are like the blind man in Bethsaida, we wake up and things are slightly hazy. We see that, as he saw men “as trees walking.” In other words, while he could now see, he was not seeing the new things around him with full clarity.

If we keep reading in this passage, we will see that Jesus touched the man’s eyes again, and at that point he saw clearly.

As we have discussed before, our spiritual eyes can only be opened by Jesus Christ, by God’s grace and through our faith in Him. As we have also discussed, at that point we are not done and are not fully where our Lord wants us to be. Our vision is likely to be fuzzy as well, and we won’t see the things of God with complete clarity. For many, Jesus has to touch us again to fully restore our vision.  How does Jesus continue to touch our eyes? He does this through His Word, through prayer and through service in one of His New Testament churches. If we commit ourselves as new believers, we can mature and see clearly the things of God clearly someday.

A Successful Christian

This is a first post from a new blogger that I just had to share. This is from Cody, my step son, who recently started pastoring his first church. What you see here is basically the outline from his most recent sermon. Great post concept I think. Comment closed here; blessings and enjoy!

Preach The Word

Sometimes, we as Christians, fail to remember that we are not done with Jesus once we have reached salvation. While we cannot lose our salvation, we can do things that we could classify as being “unsuccessful in our walk with Christ. So let’s take a look at a few things it takes to have a more fruitful, or “successful,” walk with Him.


We know to be a Christian, you have to know Christ first! You have to be saved! What are you saved from?

You are saved from sin. (2 Cor. 5:17)

You are saved from judgment. (Rom. 8:1)

You are saved from He’ll. (John 3:16)

You Have To Seperate From Certain Things

Once you have accepted Christ as your savior, there are something you should no longer associate yourself with. What are some?

The World. (1John 2:15-17)

Sinful Friends. (2 Cor. 6:17)

Sinful Things…

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