Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry

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Just a Thought

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How can people claim to love God when their attitude toward others does not drive them to help those in need?

Sunday School Quarterly

The Cowardice of Many Chief Rulers

John 12 42 and 43

John 12:42,43

We sure like to throw rocks at those lousy Pharisees, don’t we? We like to sit back and judge them for their legalism, hypocrisy and rejection. Here is the bad news; we can very much be them. Atheism, the simple lack of a belief in any god or gods, has been replaced by the New Atheism. Rather than simply resting in their state of disbelief, the New Atheists have a plan and an agenda; that plan is the eradication of faith in general and the Christian Faith in particular. The tools of this are mockery, name calling, cultural pressure and even legislation. They want to put us out of the Synagogue so to speak.

As non-believers, we fall prey to this pressure and reject Jesus ourselves. Even as saved children of God, we fall prey to this and wander away under the pressures of this world. We, too love the praise of that world more than the praise of God.

Friends, Jesus has this. Some 2000 years ago God made Himself in the form of the man Jesus Christ, and walked this Earth for the specific reason to save us from ourselves and offer us a place eternally with Him. Jesus IS God, and has all the power of God. The praise and approval of men today may satisfy us in the moment, but our eyes need to be on the praise of God in the forever.


It’s poetry time! Unfortunately I can’t do that, but thankfully I have friends like Kathy who can! Comments closed here; blessings and enjoy!



A babbling brook makes its way through the troubling rocks of life,

Yet nourishing as it bounces back and forth over them,

Within each of us is the ability to bounce back,

To regenerate,

To renew

To restore,

To reenergize and revive,

Not only within ourselves,

But through the paths we take through life,

Through those we meet along the way,

Through our reactions to the storms,

The fears,

The broken dreams,

We all have the ability to shine,

Our light can be  beacon for another,

It can give hope in time of adversity,

Time of hopelessness and despair,

Because the morning star is the brightest star,

It will last even through the darkest day,


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Just a Thought

my way gods way

When you have a difference of opinion with God?

God’s right.

The Prophecy of Isaiah

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John 12:39-41

Here, things get a bit complicated, as we see the almost incomprehensible balance of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. The prophet Isaiah had foretold the massive rejection of Jesus by His own people; in fact, in the eternal plan of redemption, this rejection was actually absolutely necessary. This is a difficult thing, for sure. It might even seem that God caused the Jewish nation to reject Jesus, as we see hinted at in the above passage. Yet, we see clearly the idea throughout Scripture that men make choices about God our Father and Jesus.

The eyes of the Jewish nation certainly did become blinded, rendering them unable to see. They absolutely made choices not to see the clear evidence before them. Friends, these non-believers hardened their own hearts, and God certainly allowed them to do that, and even knew that they would.

Despite our nature and tendency to reject and harden our hearts, God still reveals Himself to us all and offers all men and women the opportunity to come to Him. Jesus came as God in the flesh not for a few, or a pre-selected group of humanity; He came to extend His offer to all humanity. The choice is ours and ours alone. As you take a look at your own relationship or lack of with Jesus always remember that. If you have that relationship always remember it as well as you move through a largely non-believing world.

Not Missing Out

Great post here from Muffy. Are “flying under the radar,” trying to do what is comfortable? Are we willing to step out in live for our Savior and do what He really has called us for? Comments closed here; blessings and enjoy!

The Excitement Plan

So, I’m going back to school. Finally going to finish up that degree that was put on hold 24 years ago when the kids started coming.

I have mixed feelings about this – excitement, certainly, because I love school. No, but really. I love taking classes. Like, probably too much. I’m the one sitting in the front row with two different colors of pen and a stack of post-it tabs.

On the other hand, I’m a little chagrined. I’m keeping it on the down low. Because I’ve been the local English Teacher in my homeschooling community and I’m pretty sure everyone assumed I had at least a BA in English if not an MA. I never told anyone that, mind you. I said things like, “I was an English Major.” But I never said I had a degree.

But they assume. Which is weird, come to think of it, since…

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