Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry

Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church – August 13, 2017 Evening Service

Devotional Message on Psalm 89 Part 1

Devotional Message Psalm 89 Part 2

Congregational Singing

I Can’t Even Walk


Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church – August 13, 2017 Morning Service

Sermon Part 1 Promises of Future Glory

Sermon Part 2 Promises of Future Glory

Still Blooming!

Here is the longest blooming magnolia I have ever seen, STILL at it as we walked across the road for some fresh, cold watermelon tonight.


An Encounter With Jesus

Have YOU had an encounter with Jesus? Great post here from Marques Jeffries.
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Overcoming The Times

One of my favorite Christian movies is entitled “The Encounter.” In this movie five people, each dealing with their own personal issues, find themselves at a diner, which is run by none other than Jesus Christ, Himself. Jesus offers each person His assistance in confronting and overcoming the struggles they face, however, just as it is in real life, each of the characters must make the choice as to whether they will accept or reject Christ.

As we read the Bible, it is like gazing into a mirror. We will see characteristics of our own life, in many of the men and women we read of. Today we will take a look at four such individuals, and how one encounter with Jesus changed their lives forever.

Zacchaeus’ encounter (Luke 19:1-10)
Here we have a Jewish chief tax collector, who was disliked in his community, for working on behalf of Rome…

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Just a Thought

Samiritan woman.JPG

We ought to always be prepared to witness to anyone, at any time, in any place even if it makes us uncomfortable

Sin – Yes, it IS Our Fault

James 1 14_15

James 1:13-15

Whose problem is sin? Well, it’s ours. Note what James says…our own lust. Lust here is not referring to sexual lust necessarily, just all the things we desire for. God did, in fact, create us all to seek certain things. Sexual desire is one of  those things.  Inside of all of us are things God planted so we could use them in attaining His purposes. The fact that they exist is not wrong. The wrongness comes in our application of them.

So, God does not tempt us with sin. Even though Satan tempts us, he does not cause it, either. He does use our own desires, which we all have, to entice us to use them wrongly and sinfully. That is the enticement part, we are enticed to take our God given desires and point them the wrong way.

Having a desire, and even being enticed to head the wrong way, is not wrong necessarily either. Anybody reading not been tempted to sin or do wrong? I didn’t think so! So, what happens? Lust conceives; that is we come to some point where we think it is okay. And once the sin has conceived, that same thing happens with any conception: a birth. In this case, a sin is born.

Sadly, sin has consequences. When sin is finished, it brings forth death. One form is certainly physical death; sin is what brought that into the world and the death rate remains 100%. It also brought spiritual death, in the form of eternal separation from God.

It doesn’t have to end there of course. Believe today and sin will not have it’s finish.


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