Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry


Video Sermons

Holly Springs Missionary Baptist Church, August 18, 2019

Is It Well With Your Soul?-Cody Andrews


Roger Copeland-Knowing Who Jesus Is

Roger Copeland-The Danger of Drifting

Holly Springs Missionary Baptist Church-Summer Revival 2019-Thursday, August 8th

Zack Stringer-Get Out Of the Middle Of the Road

1 Kings 18

Another great message from bro Zack. Also a great special in song from his wife Katie.

Again, pardon the technical difficulties. Somehow his sermon got split. If you watch both parts you miss about 5 words.

Katie Stringer-Oh, the Blood

Zack Stringer-Get Our Of the Middle Of the Road Part 1

Zack Stringer-Get Out Of the Middle Of the Road Part 2

Roger Copeland-God Has Spoken

Roger Copeland-How to Enjoy Your Relationship With God

Roger Copeland-When You Are Angry With God

Roger Copeland-God of the Second Chance

Roger Copeland-Jonah The Way Back to God

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