Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry



In the Garden

Just another trip to the garden from this morning, as well as one of my favorite hymns sung by a favorite performer. Enjoy!

Perspective is Everything

Back in the days when I installed satellite TV for a living, these fellows were the hated enemy to be destroyed upon sight. Of course, since I was usually disturbing their home, they felt the same way about me. Now, they are just nice little creatures doing their God-assigned thing. 

That Looks Tasty!

I don’t know whether Finlee wants to eat it, or play with it. 



Lunch Time!

Something happened on this one earlier. No pic and not text. Weird, anyway here it is again LOL.

Sitting on the porch having lunch while my equine neighbor has his.


The King in Repose

King Percy, just enjoying a bit of sunshine at the open door this morning



Ok, for those who don’t know. That there is a chicken poo truck. It stinks to be stuck behind the poo truck for 10 miles. Factoid. Chicken farming is a huge thing in these parts. Every cycle, when the broiler houses are cleaned out, there is much poo. Not a thing is wasted in chicken farming, and that poo will be fertilizer on some row crop soon. Such is the circle of life. I am sure glad I am not the guy running the front end loader that fills that truck up, though!


Graduation Day!!

Well, this is the last one. This is number four to graduate. Well, one graduated University, but I don’t get to count him twice. It’s the fourth High School Graduation. Now, the only children left to graduate are the grandkids.




Good Morning, Bright Eyes!

I am working, but the King and the Princess are enjoying a leisurely Saturday morning in the recliner




We Have Visitors, and the King is NOT Amused

One never knows what will show up on the porch in the country, and King Percy is not pleased.

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