Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry



The Prophecy of Isaiah

John 12_40.JPG

John 12:39-41

Here, things get a bit complicated, as we see the almost incomprehensible balance of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. The prophet Isaiah had foretold the massive rejection of Jesus by His own people; in fact, in the eternal plan of redemption, this rejection was actually absolutely necessary. This is a difficult thing, for sure. It might even seem that God caused the Jewish nation to reject Jesus, as we see hinted at in the above passage. Yet, we see clearly the idea throughout Scripture that men make choices about God our Father and Jesus.

The eyes of the Jewish nation certainly did become blinded, rendering them unable to see. They absolutely made choices not to see the clear evidence before them. Friends, these non-believers hardened their own hearts, and God certainly allowed them to do that, and even knew that they would.

Despite our nature and tendency to reject and harden our hearts, God still reveals Himself to us all and offers all men and women the opportunity to come to Him. Jesus came as God in the flesh not for a few, or a pre-selected group of humanity; He came to extend His offer to all humanity. The choice is ours and ours alone. As you take a look at your own relationship or lack of with Jesus always remember that. If you have that relationship always remember it as well as you move through a largely non-believing world.


The Evil Heart of Judas Iscariot

John 12_5.JPG

John 12:4-6

Martha was not the only guest at this gathering who had something to say about what Mary was doing for Jesus. First, it seems beyond doubt that Martha loved her Lord, but was just somewhat distracted by the things going on; she had simply lost sight of priorities. Judas Iscariot, clearly, did NOT have good intentions in his heart. In fact, we know he rejected our Lord, and even today is eternally separated from Him in the torment of Hell.  What we see here is the posturing and preening of a man pretending to be righteous while really hiding evil in his heart.

Friends, that is true for many today. Of course not all are hiding overt evil in their hearts while pretending to do good as Judas was. Many are simply convinced that they can actually do enough proper and good things to warrant the favor of God. It simply does not matter, as the end result is the same. We cannot earn the favor or our God, nor can we even do enough to balance the scales in our favor eternally. We may not be hiding the level of evil in our hearts as Judas was, but the fact remains that our hearts are evil due to the fact that we have all fallen short of the perfection of God’s glory.

We have a choice. Will we rely on empty posturing and good works, or accept the full payment Jesus made on our behalf?


This was a powerfully moving, and convicting story. It raises some questions…..are we really, truly reaching out to people or just tossing them platitudes and walking away feeling very special about the “wonderful” thing we have done? Comments closed here; blessings and enjoy.(If not enjoy, then learn from it.)

My God, My Music, My Life

I walked by him at least twice a day.  More often than not it was closer to six times a day. He was always in the same spot, always wearing the same clothes and always staring down at the ground.

Anytime that I would walk by and I had some change I would drop it in his hat. He would never look up. He never said thank you. As a matter of fact, I never heard him say anything. I was usually on the go or on my phone or talking to my co-workers so I might not have heard him if he did, but I really don’t think he did.

Image result for picture of homeless man

After a few weeks of dropping change, I decided to do an experiment. I started off dropping one dollar bills in his hat.  When he didn’t react I started dropping fives. Then I would drop a ten spot here…

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Just a Thought


God never promises to remove every difficulty and obstacle from our lives.

He will, however, remove the things that are obstacles to us doing His will

The Council of the Chief Priests

John 11 50 and 51

John 11:47-52

Not everybody was happy when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, to say the least! As usual, the Pharisees and the religious powers of the day saw only the threat that Jesus saw to their position, and not the fact that Jesus was the promised Messiah. Immediately afterward, all of these right way started plotting how they could remove this threat to their place of control and influence.

As is also the norm, we quickly see that God had things well in hand, even when things seemed grim and without hope. God is not sitting back, just watching things unfold and hoping they work out okay. Today, we again live in a world that does not want to see and accept that Jesus is the promised Messiah, but wants to hang on to their position of control. Now, as then, many plot ways that they might impede or even destroy the work or our Lord and His people.

The world continues to be an unfriendly place for the children of God, and it is getting worse rather than better. Friends, God is working His plan and His promises are secure. All things which happened are either caused or allowed by Him to happen. Remember that, when the powers and Pharisees are coming after you that now, as then, God uses everything in the furtherance of His sovereign plan.

Just a Thought

isaiah 41_10.JPG

Lack of understanding on our part does not mean lack of a plan on God’s Part

Don’t Wake the King!

I promise, I really do  more with my life than hang around the recliner with Percy LOL.


Just a Thought

Romans 1_20

God has given all men more than enough evidence of Himself to give us reason to believe; if we choose not to, then it is just that: our choice

Happy Birthday, John

This was inspired by a post at Blue Bird of Bitterness. I actually had no idea today was the birthday of the “March King,” John Phillips Sousa. I do know that the Stars and Stripes Forever is one of my favorite songs. Here, it is performed by the United States Marine Corps Band.  Blessings and enjoy!


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