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Laying Down Your Life

John 15.13

Of course, when He made that statement, Jesus was directly referring to the fact that He was about to literally lay down His life for His friends. Jesus was about to literally lay down His life for the entire world and its sins. Is that necessarily the application for all of us? In certain circumstances, it might be. Any one of us could encounter a situation where literally laying down one’s life might be an appropriate expression of ultimate love. What about the rest of us? What if we are never asked to literally sacrifice our lives for a friend? Are we just off the hook? Hardly! What, then, might it mean to lay down one’s life for a friend?

We live in a culture today where people won’t even lay down their thoughts, ideas and opinions for their fellow man, much less their lives. The United States, particularly, is a “me” culture. “Looking out for number 1,” “If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody will.” These are all reflections of the way we are. Yet, Jesus’ still said to lay down one’s life for friends is the ultimate expression of love.

We can do this by making others needs more important than our own. Jesus did that for us; He gave up his rightful place in Heaven to come here, live as a man, suffer and die just because our need for a savior was so great. Next time you have a situation where two needs are presented and only one can be met, meet your brother or sister’s need and let yours go unmet.

We can do this by forgiving. People wrong us; that is simply a fact. Scripture teaches us over and over that we are to forgive. Jesus asked His father to forgive the very people killing him on the cross in Luke 23:34.  We simply have to learn to forgive the same way; we need to forgive no matter the seriousness of the offense that is committed against us

We can do this by sacrificing for others. Not only might we be required to meet another person’s need and leave ours unmet, but we might actually have to give up something our our own to meet their need. Maybe you have plans but a brother or sister has a need; give up your plans and be there for them.

We can do this by meeting the needs of people who don’t deserve it and cannot or will not do a thing for us. Some folks don’t deserve help. Some are not capable of doing anything for us in return. Some are capable, but in our hearts we know they wouldn’t give us a fire extinguisher if we burst into flames. Help them anyway.

Blogging Update

I don’t really have anything to say this morning, so just sort of a small update on life, blogging, and Kingdom work is in order.

First, just a small apology to all of my regular readers and commenters; I am sure you have noticed my visits have been sporadic lately. I have tried to keep up on writing, but have not done so well on visiting others. I thank you for hanging in around here despite that.

It’s been…..busy.

I am still writing for the Daily Devotional Quarterly for our association, that that seems to take far more time than I anticipated. “Official” writing is pretty time consuming.

I still work way too much at my “real” job. I usually hit the road at 500 AM, and am involved in that work until my last guy goes home for the day, usually around 630 or 700 PM. Then I have end of day performance reports to prepare and analyze.

A few of us have been going down to a local assisted care facility two evenings a week to lead some singing and have a short message, and just visit with some of the folks there.

We are beginning a program of outreach and personal visitation with some folks in our community. Our youth program has really exploded thanks to the efforts of our two youth leaders. The problem is, when we look out on those in church on any given day, that we see those young people….and the older folks like me. There is a huge gap. Finding and filling that gap has been a time consuming thing. It’s a challenge to contact and build relationships with those young parents, and just takes a bit.

One evening a week, my visiting partner and I are about to revitalize our own program of neighborhood visitation. This is just that old fashioned thing where we drive around, knock on doors and say, “HI!.” to people.

Busy I say!



Winter Weather Preparation 

I hope as winter weather, below freezing temperatures and possible snow and ice loom in the weekend forecast that every one will remember the single most important thing they can do.

 Grill steaks!!!!!

In flip flops

For Your Listening Pleasure

This morning, I don’t really have a Devotional thought, but just some information that might or might not be useful.

My work van is my office for the bulk of my day. I get in it at 5:00 AM usually, and am in it for the next 10 hours. Out in the boonies where I live, good radio stations are hard to find. I mostly like to listen to Christian stuff, and that makes it far harder. I had a trial of Sirius XM which was nice as I listened to Family Talk Radio. There are a couple of problems with that. First is the fact that some of the stuff on there is not really my cup of tea for whatever reason. The second is that it is a real time broadcast. If I miss something or somebody, I have just missed it.

My solution is down loading audio MP3 to my phone and Bluetoothing them to the van radio. This is actually quite the perfect solution. Here are the things I  listen to regularly, and enjoy much. I’d love reader suggestions on any good audio sermons out there. Thanks in advance!

Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers

Way of the Master Radio with Todd Friel, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron

Know the Truth with Philip DeCourcy

Grace to You with John MacArthur

Truth Chinese Alliance Church with Jimmy Li

It All Hangs On Love

Matthew 22 37_40

Yesterday we discussed the same passage as we will briefly discuss today. Today our focus will be on the last sentence of the passage. What does it mean that all the law and the prophets hang on those two greatest commandments?

It’s a pretty visual and simple illustration Jesus used, really. Just picture a rack entitled, “love.” On the rack there are two pegs, “The Law” and “The Prophets.” Now picture what happens if there is not a rack entitled “love.” Got that? The pegs fall to the ground if they are not attached to a rack. Jesus was just illustrating that all of God’s expectations concerning His moral law can be met if we just do two things: Love God and love each other.

We can take a look at the Ten Commandments to illustrate how loving God and loving one another roll everything up within them. These are paraphrased in a short form, incidentally.

  1. You shall have no other gods before me.
  2. You shall not make idols.
  3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy
  5. Honor your Father and Mother.
  6. You shall not murder.
  7. You shall not commit adultery.
  8. You shall not steal.
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  10. You shall not covet.

If we love God with everything we have, then the first four Commandments will be the natural result. If we love our neighbor, then the last six will be the natural result.  If you carry this to its ultimate conclusion, there is really nothing God expects of us which could not be found in one of the Ten Commandments; we could say they have many unspecified subcategories. And The Commandments can be further reduced to two: Love God and love each other. Love.

All of God’s moral law does hang on Love. If we really do love God with our all, and each other with our all, then the natural outflow of keeping those two commandments will be doing the things God wants us to do. If we fail in either of those two areas, then we will be unable to meet any expectations God might have of us.

After 20 Years Moses announces retirement

There is a a saying that a cowboy’s work is never done. It should be said that a Christian’s work is never done. Some biting thoughts here from Tom. Comments closed here; blessings and enjoy.

Hard Times Ministries

Following the announcement yesterday by CBS News that Paul the Apostle hung up his bibles, the Middle East heralded Moses, the Father of the Hebrews was withdrawing into retirement.

This is the FIRST whereas all of God’s prophets in the past have never retired, nor was it the expectations of this for the two aforementioned prophets. After all, they were at the peak of their performance and call to duty.

A spokesperson for God could not be located, but 60 minutes pledged a follow up on its tv series.

“I simply had enough.”  Moses exclaimed when asked for reasons.

Paul the Apostle muttered, “Give someone else a chance.”

The brevity of answers baffles the religious communities, but yet we see contemporaries retire commonly with most members of faith.

“No such scripture exists.” Says critics of this retirement.

Thus, a new process has been initiated and installed with perhaps all members…

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The King’s New Water Fountain

Every Cat needs a personal water fountain with constantly flowing, cool and clear water.



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