As readers may recall, we are working our way through the Book of James. Not too long ago, we were talking about this very subject. This great piece of wisdom fits right in, though maybe a little bit behind.
Blessings and enjoy!

The Light Breaks Through


“13 Plus, they get into the habit of being idle. Not only are they idle, but they band together and roam from house to house, gossiping about and meddling into other people’s business; they talk about all sorts of things that should never be spoken of.” 1 Timothy 5:13 The Voice (VOICE)

My father in law was a God fearing, quite, humble and sagacious sage. When I was just starting out in ministry, I like the young pastor in Paul’s writing; Timothy would seek advice about ministry from my father in law, Rev Eldor Bickel. He was reluctant in some ways to give too much information. Looking back, I believe it was because he knew I would face different challenges as the landscape in which I was doing ministry was very different from his context. With that being said, he did give me an ideal approach to managing gossip in…

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