It’s Friday night, and time for another in this great series by KD Manes. Blessings and enjoy!


So that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.”    -1 Corinthians 2:5

After Jacob sought God’s direction and heard directly from Him to “not be afraid” he travels with his family from Beersheba to Egypt (46:5-7). In 46:28-30, Jacob and Judah appear to have reconciled their past as Jacob chooses Judah to be their guide. Rising above his past failures, Judah proves himself trustworthy. His descendants are eventually gifted as the royal tribe (49:8-12) and the Messiah would come from his line.

Finding Joseph alive and well gives Jacob’s tormented heart some much-needed peace. As his family’s knotted past finally untangles, he is able to see God’s sovereign hand at work.

You may read Genesis 46:5-34; 47:1-27 here: Bible Gateway.

Israel’s Heritage

The names listed in Genesis 46:8-27 list every tribe that would eventually form the nation of Israel. This would have been especially important to Genesis’ first readers. For they were not only reminded that God chose them for a special purpose, but duties and allotments were also given according to tribe: the parceling of land, the division of labor, the army’s organization.

Joseph’s Family Meets Pharaoh

Before Joseph’s family meets Pharaoh, Joseph encourages them to be honest when asked about their work as shepherds. He hopes Pharaoh will allow them to live in Goshen. Layman’s Bible Commentary notes: “Goshen had some of the best pastureland in all of Egypt. It would be a place to keep the Hebrews isolated and insulated from the culture and religion of Egypt, since the Egyptians considered sheep unclean and Hebrews detestable (43:32).”… the rest of the post here: Jacob’s Family Moves to Egypt, Genesis 46:5-34; 47:1-27