Well I suppose I should put in some disclaimers here before I start. Or, maybe not, as this is sure to really push buttons in every direction. Eh…I don’t really care. I have something on my mind and I am going to say it. If it irritates you, makes you outright mad, or causes you to doubt my humanity, or even causes you to doubt my Christianity….again….I don’t really care.


Disclaimer 1. I am a veteran. I am a veteran of combat. I am not some peacenik wearing rose colored glasses. I have a firm grip on the realities of national defense.

Disclaimer 2. I do not oppose military action as sometimes a necessary thing. Some things just matter. Some things matter enough to die for, and to send people to die for.

Disclaimer 3. I am not a politician or a political analyst. My opinions are just my opinions. They might be based on data..or not. They are still mine.

Disclaimer 4. I don’t hate refugees, Syrians, or Muslims.

Anyway, what is my point. Well, as the entire world knows, not only are we bombing ISIS in Syria, but we have sent dozens of special operations types to advise our “allies” in the region on how best to deal with ISIS. Sigh, and off we go again.

Do I oppose military action against ISIS? Nah, not really. Say what you want, or why they exist, or anything else; they are a clear and present threat. If it was me, I would deal with this militarily in quite uncertain terms. Don’t like that? Too bad.

Do I support wholesale military intervention in the Middle East? Nah, not really. A really good case can be made that our meddling has really messed things up already and led to much of the current instability. Disagree with that? Too bad.

Here is the one and ONLY thing I am torqued about. And I really, really, really….REALLY don’t care what  any of you think about my opinion on this. Our soldiers, the men and women who serve to protect our freedom deserve a heck of a lot better than they have gotten, are getting now, and are likely to get in the future.

Let’s look at some numbers shall we?

Vietnam-Some 58,000 soldiers killed. The instant we decide it’s not for us any more, we pull out and South Vietnam falls quickly

Iraq/Afghanistan- Some 6700 or so killed. The instant we decide it’s not for us any more, we pull out and the region spirals into chaos.

Now if you were one of those 65,000 or so dead soldiers, what would you think?

Are we off the to races again here? How many lives of soldiers will we toss away to satisfy some politicians desire to look decisive?

If we won’t commit to dealing with this situation in a way that will resolve it, then let’s not waste our time. Our men and women in uniform are willing to die, but let’s not waste that willingness.

Either get in it to win it….or get out. Don’t waste our heroes lives.