I am a fairly serious fellow, and I tend to write about fairly serious things; however I do have a sense of humor buried way down deep and sometimes I get tickled about something. From what I have seen, WordPress is a good place to express oneself when one gets tickled.

Okay. I love food. I love to eat it, cook it, and even just touch it. I am of the school that says the best kitchen utensil every created is the human hand.

I eat enough food, honestly, to feed the average family. I am also blessed with the ability to do this and not ever grow in girth; apparently I have the metabolism of a shrew.

The running joke at supper is the fact that no matter what we eat, I push back from the table and say, “Whew…that is my FAVORITE meal.” Whatever I happen to be eating is always my favorite thing to eat.

I do hate some foods however.

  • Hominy. For those of you who don’t know what that is; trust me it’s gross.
  • Cottage cheese. Look, just leave the milk on the counter for a few days and drink it. Same thing.
  • Squid. I don’t care if you fancy it up and call it calamari, it’s still little pieces of stinky fishy rubbber.

Other than those things, food is pretty much fair game. My favorite vegetable? Turnip greens. One year when they were in season I ate them daily for almost a month. Apparently, that is a bad idea. They are very high in calcium, and evidently will cause kidney stones if you subsist on just them…ouch is all can say to that.

Okay, on to the thing that tickled me. My blogging friend, James, over at the Isaiah 53:5 Project wrote a post entitled

In this post, James waxed quite eloquently on the evils of something called quinoa.

Later my blogging friend, Insanitybites, over at See, There’s This Thing Called Biology wrote a post entitled.

Foodie Blogging


In this post, IB waxed quite eloquently about the evils of kale. (which is actually decent mixed with some turnip greens.)

Well, this one is for you two, my friends. I know that as soon as you read this, you will immediately get busy in the kitchen. Let me know how it comes out, will you?


The Girl in the Blue Apron had the following to offer.

Meatless Mondays: Quinoa With Kale