Tonight I am sharing a great post from Pauline at Uniquely Designed Individuals from her series on Praying Through the Psalms

Father, we bless Your Holy Name and we give You the praise and Glory for what You have, are and will continue to do for those who walk upright and blameless before You.

Lord, who is there that can abide in Your tabernacle of dwell in Your holy hill? Only those who walk uprightly, practice righteousness, speaks the truth in their heart, does not slander or gossip to assassinate another’s character with their tongue, does not disgrace or dishonor their neighbor, but honors those who reverentially fears You who is the Lord.

Father God only those who are able to say: Father, lay not this charge against them,” like Jesus, Stephen and so many others that have exemplified their lives by living a lifestyle holy and pleasing to you will be able to abide in Your Holy Presence.

Father, there is no room for extortion nor exploitation in Your Kingdom Father, so we are asking You to help us to keep our focus on You and then according fulfill Your divine will, plan and purpose for our lives we will fulfill the purpose which You have preordained and predestinated us to do before the foundations of the earth were even created.

Lord, all goodness comes from You alone, and we choose by faith to place our trust in You and You alone for our every need that we will require in these last day scenarios that are to come. Lord God, You are our portion and our inheritance in the land of the living.

Father, we thank You for being for us and since You are for us, who is there that can be against us. Our hearts are glad and our glory (hearts) rejoices and our flesh will also rest in hope, hope in knowing that it is You who holds our future which is something no one can take away from us.

Thank You for sending Jesus, Father and we will praise you forevermore, fo it is You who by Your Spirit, leads us in the path of Life through Your Son, Jesus Christ, and in Your presence there is fullness of joy and at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.

Father, we thank that You hear our cries and answer the prayers of those who are in desperate need of You. Lord, during the times of testing and trials which we have passed and have yet to pass, be with us as we pray as to seek Your face because You are our only source and strength in time of need.

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