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By Wally Fry


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Bogard Press Daily Devotional-Our Eternal Security

by Robert Brock

Wednesday, May 29

Our Eternal Security

John 10:28-30

“And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish,” John 10:28.

Have you ever tried obtaining information about your account on the Internet and had to deal with security blocks? The first thing the company wants to know is your user name. Most likely you have forgotten your user name long ago. The agent gives you steps to reset your user name. You receive the secret security code to insert in the little box. You change your user name, and they fire back, “That name is already used by one of our customers.” You have no doubt you are that customer. Then, pretending to help, the agent asks you for your current email address. He tells you, “That email address is already in use, try another email address. He asks for your password which you do not remember. He leads you through the same procedure and asks you to change your password, only to find out that someone else already has that password.

The only user name and password that guarantees eternal security in Heaven is Jesus Christ. “For there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). “No man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).

THOUGHT: Rest easy, no one is able to take you out of the Father’s hand. He is greater than all.

A Challenge to Believe

John 10 40_42

John 10:37-42

If readers back up a bit in this story from the Book of John, the contrast we see in the reaction of certain people is astounding. The “religious” people of the day, the Pharisees and such, rejected Jesus and refused to believe despite the great things He did. The people over by Jordan, seemingly just normal, everyday people, believed in large part. Isn’t that interesting?

To this day, those who choose to follow The Great Commission are faced with exactly the same thing. The demands for “proof,” are incessant. Many non-believers challenge us with the mantra of: “Oh yeah, well if you PROVE your God exists, and then I will believe!”

Friends, don’t waste your time with this. We are called to be witnesses, not lawyers. As Jesus clearly showed the great things He did, we can also show the great things He has done. All we can do is point those who do not believe to the current state of their sin and the penalty they owe for it. Then, we can point them to how Jesus came to us on the Earth to take care of that problem by paying with His own death, so that we do not have to. We can show the glory of God’s creation, tell of the changes in our own lives and the lives of others. We can point to the steadfastness of God’s revealed Word through the ages. Friends, just share the Good News, and let God prove Himself.

Jesus-Shepherd for All Who Believe

john 10_16

John 10:12-16

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. Just like any shepherd, He will take care of our needs and keep us safe from danger. Just like sheep, we should follow our Good Shepherd. The audience Jesus was talking to here would have understood that reference pretty clearly; in this case Jesus went even further and informed then that He Himself was the shepherd being referred to. He also took the reference in a completely new direction. Speaking to a Jewish audience, Jesus referred to sheep, “which are not of this fold.”

Here Jesus made one of his earliest allusions to the fact that salvation was not just for the Jews, but for the whole world! Whether or not the Jews He was speaking to understood this or not is an open question, but the fact that He came to save the entire world is not. If the Jews had fully understood that, they would have been shocked. To them, being God’s chosen people meant by default that non-Jews, the Gentiles were NOT chosen.

Even today, we often have a tendency to think some are not called by our Lord, or even worthy of His call. This is simply not true. Jesus wants all the sheep of the world, those lost in sin and wandering aimlessly, to be part of His flock. No matter who we are, where we are or what our backgrounds are He will be our shepherd and lead us safely to eternity if we only hear His voice and respond.

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