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What “god” are WE serving?

B.Y.O.G…. (Bring Your own God)

What, or whom do WE worship? The true God of creation or a version we find satisfying to ourselves? Read the thoughts of my friend Dawn here

Prior to the 1700’s, the concept of the supernatural was taken for granted.  You worshiped something, somewhere, society even becoming largely defined as a “B.Y.O.G.” (Bring Your Own God).  The thought that we are not alone in this universe was simply self-evident.

Then came the so-called Enlightenment, and that mode of thinking crept in as a polar opposite ideology throughout all strata of society disguised as rational, scientific, and evolved.  The supernatural was quite passé, and the human intellect took center stage.  There was clearly no room for any deity among the test tubes and Bunsen burners……

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