by Wally Fry

Tuesday, September 10

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Matthew 7:16-18

“And besides this, giving all diligence, add to your
faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge,” 2 Peter 1:5.

In our devotional verse, we see the words, “besides this.” This is better said, for this reason. What reason is this? Well, we have to take a step back to verses 3 and 4 where Peter gives a brief description of how God poured His divine love on us lavishly, washed us clean and made us “partakers of the divine nature” (verse 4). We are being taught here that, because of the wonderful things God has done for us, we should be most diligent in growing in our Christian lives.

There is an important thing here we cannot forget. We add these things Peter lists to our faith. Faith is always the starting point; however, it is not the endpoint. Faith never marks the end of our Christian lives, but only the beginning. Another thing to note is that this list Peter provides is not some sequential check-off list of Christian to-dos; it is to illustrate the totality with which we are to apply ourselves to progress in maturity.

These things do not save us, but we cannot minimize just how important fruit in our Christian lives really is. Peter tells us toward the end of our devotional passage that lacking in these things could be a sign that we have no remembrance of just where we came from and where God took us. In other words, there is no discernible difference between us and the unsaved heathen. Is that who we want to be?

JUST A THOUGHT: A vine with no fruit is an unhealthy vine; a Christian with no fruit is an unhealthy Christian.

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