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comparing our lives to others

The need for Compassion (Comparison Cure #4) – Elihu’s Corner

Part 5 of Elihu’s great series on comparing ourselves to others

This is the fifth post in the series on Comparison Cures. To read the previous post, click here.

Jenny steeled herself and walked purposefully through the familiar front door. The cozy little house was already buzzing with the chatter of women. Jenny plastered a smile on her face, determined not to be the dark cloud on her friend’s special day.

After exchanging pleasantries with the hostess and a few other ladies, she found her dear friend, Julia, standing near a pile of blue presents and bright balloons. Her protruding belly announced to the world that a new life would soon be making its debut. Jenny wrapped her arms around her friend in a warm embrace……read the rest of the post here: The need for Compassion (Comparison Cure #4) – Elihu’s Corner

Acceptance: what it is and what it is not. (Comparison Cure#2)

Part three of this great series on comparing ourselves to others by Elihu from Elihu’s Corner

storm coming

“Live the life you want to live”

“Don’t drift through life. Get where you want to be.”

“How could you let that happen to you?”

“You need to try harder”

Would you say that those are fairly common phrases? I hear them or read them almost daily. So many high-powered people talk about how you are the only thing holding yourself back from a “better” life…….read the rest of the post here at Elihu’s Corner

Comparison Cure #1: Contentment

Here is part 2 of this great series on contentment and how we become discontented by comparing our lives to others from Elihu at Elihu’s Corner


In the previous post, I talked about the disease I termed “why-me-itis” which is caused by a lack of essential spiritual nutrients. The first and most foundational of these nutrients is contentment.

Our high-powered culture tells us that if we apply ourselves and work hard, we can have the American Dream—2 (or more) new cars, a fancy-schmancy house in a good neighborhood, highly talented children, a fat 401(k) and all the latest and greatest toys. If you fall short of this dream, the unspoken assumption is that you are unmotivated and lazy. You should have more, you deserve more, you need more.

America has drawn people from all over the world with the prospect of gain through persistence. Stories abound of men and women who began with nothing and proceeded to build financial empires (all through their own blood, sweat, tears, and fierce motivation, of course)………Read the rest of the post here: Comparison Cure #1: Contentment at Elihu’s Corner

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