Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry


christian quotes

Just a Thought

When you feel far away from God?

Guess what?

It’s NOT God who has wandered off!

Just a Thought

satan liar

If you aren’t meeting the devil in your Christian life, maybe it’s because you are walking the same direction

Just a Thought


Revival is NOT a church event

It is a ME event


Just a Thought

witty-ditty-bible-christian1.jpgfrom SlimJim


Just a Thought



Jesus knows and Jesus cares

Do WE care when others are troubled?

Just a Thought

genesis 12_4.jpg

When God tells us to go forth, do we depart, or do we think about it?

Just a Thought

Upset because your plans aren’t working out the way you want?

Maybe that’s because they are YOUR plans

Just a Thought

gods plan

Bothered because God is not using you?

Are you sure you are available for what HE wants you to do?

Just a Thought

luke 9_23.jpg

Pick up your cross, and follow me?

What does that mean to you?

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