Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry



No Fair!! No Fair!!

Like so unfair. I am lodging a complaint with the Cat Police. King Percy just sits with me, but She Who Hates Cats gets the full lap treatment

And they stole the recliner too!

And I have to peel potatoes so that we don’t awaken the King!




The King’s New Water Fountain

Every Cat needs a personal water fountain with constantly flowing, cool and clear water.



How To Train a Human – An Update

percy washer.jpg

That’s Percy. Of course, most readers know Percy as I have written about him before. Today’s post is about how to train a cat. Well, ok, not really as the title suggests.

Now, contrary to popular belief, cats are quite teachable. Any little furry friend is teachable through food, praise, and repetition. Even a cat is.

Percy loves his little cat treats, and we keep them on a shelf above the washer. So, it seemed like fun to teach Percy to come to the washer, hop up, and sit down and wait for at treat. It went really well, and eventually all we had to do was say, “treat!.” and Percy would run in, hop up, and sit. Pretty cool, actually.

Unnoticed to us, things began to change. At first, when somebody would come in the laundry room, Percy would run in, hop up, and sit…and get a treat. Still pretty cool.

This morning an odd thing happened. Percy ran in, hopped up and sat. With NOBODY in there. He then looked around the door at me in the bathroom and just stared and kind of trilled a bit. I immediately walked in, got the treat bag, and gave Percy a treat.

Who just got trained here?

Update: Now, King Percy has at least one of the humans trained so that if he just walks in and sits BY the washing machine, that human will pick him up and put him ON it. He doesn’t even have to jump anymore. For the record, it’s not me!

King Percy is NOT Amused


Are You Looking at Me?

Nothing like watching TV while the cat watches you



Percy Says Goodnight

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