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Ravi Zacharias- Why I Am Not an Atheist

From: Reasonable Theology

Proponents of atheism have a more prominent voice than perhaps they would have in years past. Is there any validity to their logic? How can Christians answer the critiques?

Ravi Zacharias explains why he is not an atheist to an audience at Princeton University.

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Dont Insult the Ape

By: ColorStorm at The Naked Truth

Some say apes and humans are darn near brothers. Okaaaay. Of course the reason people cling to this is to leave God out completely. They share a common heritage it is said…………their dna is almost identical in the gene pool, so it goes.  Yea, and the hyena is darn near human because of his snickering laughter. Please.

Image result for tarzan's cheetah

Conversations quickly degenerate into who brings the most amusing nonsense, while the gorilla oblivious to the stupidity of men wanting to steal his identity, walks about simply being what he has always been, and always will be:  a gorilla. Yep, and the same way the whale roams about the real estate of the seas doing what he knows best: just living as a whale. And the eagle? You get the drift.

The difference that disallows the ape or chimp from ever becoming human is courtesy of the wisdom of the Creator, and exposes the foolishness of man.

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Prepare to Meet Thy God

Careless soul, oh, heed the warning,
For your life will soon be gone;
Oh, how sad to face the judgment,
Unprepared to meet thy God.


10 Lessons from an Atheist | Answers in Genesis

This was a really great article I read and it contains some very applicable lessons on how to deal with and respond to non believers we may encounter. Enjoy!

10 Lessons from an Atheist

Biblical Worldview

by Carl Kerby on June 3, 2010

When faced with the mocking rants of atheists and God-haters, our natural temptation is to dismiss them as ignorant bigots or to get angry. But that’s not Christ’s way. Christians who follow the Lamb’s example will find His Spirit shedding light in the most unexpected places.

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Recently I was asked to watch a TV show that I would otherwise never have turned to. The show is hosted by two illusionists, Penn & Teller. Talented but very crude.

I reluctantly viewed two episodes poking fun at creationists and the Bible. My goal was to pull out their specific arguments and prepare responses that I could use in my worldview talks at churches and conferences.

Afterward I wanted nothing more to do with this program or these men. Their blatant disrespect for the Bible and my Savior angered me. To be honest, I was hardhearted toward them and said in my mind, “If I were ever to see them, I would walk right by and not say a word.” I felt justified in this attitude because the Bible tells us in Matthew 7:6, “Do not . . . cast your pearls before swine.”

“These guys are just big pigs!” I thought. How wrong I was! Shortly after evaluating this program I saw another short video where Penn (full name, Penn Jillette) shares about his encounter with a Christian man who gave him a gift after one of his shows.

Following are excerpts and some valuable lessons about how to share our faith with an atheist.

via 10 Lessons from an Atheist | Answers in Genesis.

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