Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry


Sometimes we just need a little spunk and determination to get through this life. Of course, if Jesus is in our lives, we have all we need to know joy, no matter the circumstances. Great thoughts here by Kathy from A Time To Share

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After seeing “Gone With the Wind” as a young girl, my heart was set on moving south so I could talk like they do and live the life of serendipity. I’d sit on veranda of my country mansion sipping mint juleps and saying things like “fiddle dee dee” all day long. Then I discovered how hot it is down there and quickly changed my mind.

For Scarlet O’Hara, this was her land and she would do anything to retain it. She always got her heart’s desire. She was the true flower of the south, yet quite spoiled and used to getting her way. When the Civil War tore her land apart, her true inner strength came forth and she became the heroine we all wanted to be. Her final line in the movie, “Tomorrow is another day,” has become the mantra of those who know how to face adversity with determination and spunk.



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Just a Thought

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If we only present the Gospel to those we are “comfortable” with, how many will never hear?

A Preacher’s Responsibilities

As I covered in some earlier posts, my stepson was recently called to pastor his first church. In light of that, he was Ordained Saturday evening to make him “official,” as he begins his new calling. The preacher at the Ordination was brother Roger Copeland, who was one of our son’s instructors at the Missionary Baptist Seminary.

If you are in any sort of ministerial role whatsoever, I really encourage you to take the time to watch this sermon, which was bro Copeland’s charge to the young man beginning his pastoral service for The Lord. It’s about a half hour, but well worth the time.

speaking of fragile….

Life is fragile for all of us sometimes, and sometimes we all need somebody to nurse us along either physically or spiritually. Great thoughts here from Julie.

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You may recall that yesterday’s post was born from finding a dead butterfly
in the yard.
Perhaps an odd starting point, but who am I to question inspiration.

It was a post based on the idea of fragility…
and of how our lives are laced with such a delicate underpinning…
despite our living life to the contrary.

This was not to imply that we are to live life by walking around as if we were
inside of some sort of delicate glass bubble…encouraging us to be oh so careful
and walk around as if at any moment the sky would be falling on our heads.

Rather it was a post to remind us all that life on this earth is fleeting.

For some of us this life is longer than it is for others…

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Just a Thought


How many turn away from Jesus because He doesn’t fit into THEIR plan of life?

Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church-What is Saving Faith?

Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church-Turning Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Next week I will be ready to begin posting new services. In the meantime, enjoy this rerun!

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