Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry



A Well Trained Human

Well, Percy is the topic today too; I’m going to recommence our study on the Seven Churches of Asia Asia Monday, I promise. Pets are sure funny sometimes, and think more clearly than we give them credit for sometimes. While this may look like just another picture of a cat lying on the floor, it is far more than that. The view is from my chair, and the object in the background is my backpack. Clearly Percy knows my nightly routine as I get ready to head to work. He sometimes, lays right in the path he knows I will soon be taking. Gee, I wonder why? Might it be related to the fact that, the instant I stand up, he immediately rolls on his back, paws in air? Percy has done a mastearful job of training his humans.

Random Feline Issues

This week is pretty much shot for any deep thinking, research or study; so, all you get is random things that fall into my life or into my head. Enjoy!

Percy went to the vet today for his routine checkup and shots. He isn’t bad at the vet, but he doesn’t really like it either. After, he got to visit his Nana at her work! As you can see, he still seems quite startled by it all.

Of course, he got put to work! Okay, not really, but this was funny.


This actually IS Percy’s mom; her name is Tippy. Tippy doesn’t live with us, but we talk to her servant quite a bit. When Percy gets uppity, we just remind him that his kinfolk live outside!


Hey Just Where Do You Think You Are Going?

Sadly we have to take a trip this weekend to attend the funeral of an Aunt who passed away. She was the very last Aunt and Uncle in my family and my favorite. Percy hates it when we go away and he knows what the suitcase means.

Hey, What Are You Doing?

Cats are SO nosy



The King and I

Percy loves his recliner. I suspect he tolerates the human he shares it with LOL.



It’s a Cat’s Life

Must be nice to laze around all day, sheesh.

The King in Repose

King Percy, just enjoying a bit of sunshine at the open door this morning


The King at Rest

It’s tough being a cat



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