I am 52 years old and currently reside in Southeast Arkansas. I am a member of a small country Missionary Baptist Church.

I am not a Seminary or University trained theologian. I am just a regular guy, who loves God and God’s Word. I also happen to love to study and write. So, here I am!

I would like to deliver just a brief testimony. I was quite lost until I was 45 years old; prior to that I really cannot say just what I believed. I bounced back and forth between believing in some god, agnosticism, and almost outright atheism. The truth is, like most people, I simply did not want to relinquish control of my life to any God. I finally found myself attending church on a semi regular basis, thanks to the repeated invitations of a dear friend. I mostly just went to be considerate to my friend.After I got bored with that, God saw fit to put a pretty girl in my sights and I began attending church with her, as those are the rules; if you date the church girl you have to go to church if you want to hang around on Sundays. It was in that church, however, that I finally heard the truth about my sinful condition, my ultimate destiny, the Grace of God through Jesus Christ and how I could escape that destiny.