Hello, friends! I thought a little update might be in order.

I officially finished my first semester of Nursing School! 3 more to go. Graduation is in one year and 3 weeks. Yay! School during a pandemic is hard; Nursing School during one is seriously hard.

Work has been…different. Covid 19 has really impacted homes for the elderly, and that’s not been talked about much.  At my workplace, folks haven’t seen their families, other than through windows or social media since this all started. Even workers are affected as we also try to limit our exposure so as to minimize our risk of taking something back. Thank God, we have been spared thus far. Maintenance of emotional and Spiritual health for our residents is as challenging as providing physical protection.

Sadly, the preachers who come see our folks and have a chapel service on Sundays aren’t allowed in the building either. So, that was a serious setback for the spiritual health of many. One night as I was in prayer about what the Lord desired me to do during this pandemic(other than my regular work, that is;) I was thinking something big like heading to NYC or something.  Suddenly, I realized the answer was right in front of me at that very workplace!

So, since our church doors have been closed during this, I have been holding a Sunday Service for our residents. What a blessing! Below is our Easter Service. It’s a full length worship service, so watching is an investment. FYI, open this in a browser to see the video.

Final note. Yes, we hold our service….together, in the Chapel. Some may holler about what a bad idea that is. All I will say is this: We strive daily to protect our residents physically, stay compliant with State directives, and also do our best to promote emotional and spiritual health. It’s a difficult balancing act.

Blogging friends,  that’s all for now.  Be blessed!