by Mark Clements

Tuesday, October 1

False Prophets Are Present at the End

Matthew 24:11-14

“And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold,” Matthew 24:11, 12.

Jesus did His best to prepare His church for His physical absence. Since He was God in the flesh, when He shared with His disciples the things that would take place after His ascension, He spoke with authority. Jesus knew that false teachers would target true churches in order to destroy the work of God. These false teachers would not be irreligious, but would deceptively blend into the Christian crowd with malicious intent. The pervasiveness of false prophets does not destroy the appearance of religion, but seductively leads people away from a genuine relationship with God. More and more churches would be filled with unregenerate people who claim to follow Christ, having embraced a false gospel, which is unable to save anyone. As Jesus said, this would lead to an increase in lawlessness, which in turn would lead to a dramatic decrease in genuine love of God and others. Man-made religion, without spiritual regeneration, leads to the destruction of souls, churches and communities.

How should true followers of Christ prepare for the end times as Jesus warned? First, Jesus wants His followers to expect an increase in the number of false prophets. It is incumbent upon Christians to be able to identify truth from falsehood, in order to discern true teachers from false teachers. Secondly, Jesus challenged His followers to persevere in the truth until the end of their lives. As difficult as it may become for followers of Jesus to combat heresy, genuine Christians will cling to the truth of the gospel tightly, and faithfully obey the command to make disciples of all nations, for the glory of God.

JUST A THOUGHT: Do not allow your love for God and others to grow cold.

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