This may only be semi-interesting to anybody, but here it is anyway. A few days back, I was not really able to write anything; the inspiration just wasn’t there. The consensus was: take a break. I guess that really wasn’t the point after all; I had just settled in to chill a bit when the almost overwhelming feeling hit me: “Make a website for the church.” So, I did. It’s a free WordPress one, so not fancy at all, but it’s got the content we need and is pretty flexible. I’m also an admin for our Facebook page now. It seems I am the self-appointed, by default, just because I would online coordinator for our church. In these days and times, that seems almost to be a necessity. Maybe it will be a good thing if there are folks looking around trying to make church decisions. Of all the churches in our county, we are now one of three who actually have a website.

Like I said, it’s not much, but here it is! Maybe someday, if this has an effect, the church will swing for a paid one with bells and whistles.

Holly Springs Missionary Baptist Church Website