by Wally Fry

Thursday, September 12

Safety for Those Who Trust in the Lord

Psalm 125:1-4

“They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever,” Psalm 125:1.

Talk of obedience, fruit of the Spirit, habitually sinful lifestyles can often cause a result that is both not necessary and quite contrary to the gospel of grace. Slipping into legalism and rule keeping as a means of salvation can happen very quickly. Obeying God matters. Living a life pleasing to God matters. Christians ought not to live lives of habitual, willful sin. Our Christian lives require diligence and effort, yet God clearly reveals in His Word that they should be lives of freedom and resting in Him, and His work. This can seem confusing, but it is not at all.

Our mistake is that we confuse our putting forth effort with just where we get the strength for that effort. God does not want us beating ourselves to death trying to accomplish things, stay saved, or earn His favor by our own strength. The surrender that results in salvation should also be a surrender to doing His will, in His strength and power.

We that are saved, or “They that trust in the LORD” cannot be moved, because we “shall be as Mount Zion.” Have you tried to move a mountain lately? Frankly, I have trouble moving a shovel full these days. Not only does God give us the strength, but He gives it forever. He never takes it away, not only can it not be moved, but it “abideth for ever.”

While God desires effort and diligence, it is not His desire that we struggle.

JUST A THOUGHT: If we rely on God’s power, the fruit of the Spirit will be the easiest thing we ever grow.

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