Sure, all those pieces just fell together with nobody making that happen. You know, for some years lots of folks have been telling me that, if I just studied some science, I would understand the stupidity of my faith in a Creator. Well, I HAVE been studying some, and nothing I have seen has shaken my belief even a little bit; in fact, the human body and it’s intricacies, just like the watch, scream design. Just sayin. Good stuff, ColorStorm.

The Lions Den

I enjoy the concept of time, the monitoring of the minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, millenia, and who cannot appreciate the mildest expression of this through a simple wristwatch. Oops. did I say simple?

All those pieces, the intertwining and precise mechanisms, designed to catalog the SECOND. Now then believer friend or foe, and you too atheist friend or foe, (equal opportunity doncha know) can we not all agree that such a machine could not be constructed apart from intelligence?

Don’t believe me? Lay each piece on a table and watch the watch assemble itself. Watch the crawling dial move by itself and attach to the hand. Watch the numbers scribe themselves without direction and land in the precise order, 1,2, 3, 4, 5, while the bezel crafts itself as it seats perfectly. Didn’t think so.

What’s the point? Of course you already know, creation is that watch, and…

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