IB, this is so true, and such an encouraging thing. That is why “In the Garden,” is a favorite of mine. Here it is, sung by a favorite of mine. Great post, thanks so much.


See, there's this thing called biology...

Anybody ever read that tale, “The Secret Garden,” by Francis Hodgson Burnett? It’s one of my favorites. The other day I watched a visually stunning movie, telling the story in all its gloomy Victorian, gothic wonder.

For a plot spoiler, our heroine is the neglected child of some wealthy parents in India. She is orphaned and sent to live in England on the edge of a remote moor, in a strange and lonely household, marked by nothing but tragedy and suffering.  There she discovers the secret garden and her cousin Colin who is an invalid, but he is an invalid because he has been told he is one. His mother died in child birth, he barely survived himself, so those around him have wrapped him in so much fear, guilt, and shame, that he has been crippled by all their perceptions and projections.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, restores the secret…

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