I have said many times that while I don’t write it, that I like good poetry. Here is a great one from an unexpected source. Thanks, Bruce!

Reasoned Cases for Christ


I’m not really one for poetry, but this seemed to just flow from within today,
so I’m sharing!

What do I see when I look back at me?
Nothing to cheer about, no reason for glee,
Selfish decisions, to many to count,
Looking but not finding, what life is about.

Outbursts of anger and feelings of pain,
No understanding and too much disdain.
Wanting and not having, feeling empty within,
Not comprehending the turmoil I spin.

Using and taking, without any care,
My only concerns are the needs that I bear.
Looking for insight, searching for light,
Finding more darkness, because of my sight.

Ask God for direction, to show me the way,
He puts grace in motion that very same day.
The journey is longer, much more than I thought,
My problems much darker, the luggage I brought.

Not understanding, I fight to maintain,
Thinking my will fits in…

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