The church at Ephesus keeps coming to my mind today. Busy, good doctrine, quick to confront false teachers…but having lost their first love. Jesus said repent and return to it…or He might remove their candlestick. How’s our light burning? Thanks for this Kathy.


As most of you know, I have always loved musical theatre.  Telling a story through music is much like the operas of old, but a dramatic telling of a favorite tale always seems to bring them to life for me.

In 1960, a British musical appeared for the first time on the West End, based upon the story of “Oliver Twist,” written by Charles Dickens.  I remember trying to muddle my way through the book before the musical came out.  I struggled with mainly with the language of the book.  Lionel Bart wrote the music and lyrics for “Oliver,” which continued to enjoy a long run on Broadway and is performed today by many community theatres and local high schools.

The story is one we’ve grown accustomed to in musical theatre.  The hero has fallen on hard times.  His life never seems to get better until someone rescues him and loves him…

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