by Mark Clements

Saturday, July 20

A Christian Attitude

Romans 12:9-18

“If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men,” Romans 12:18.

It takes great intentionality to live peaceably with others. If we go with our natural inclinations, in most cases, we will seek self-preservation or self-exaltation before we even begin to think about other people. The attitude of the followers of Jesus Christ, however, should be the same attitude of Christ. Today’s verse is a summary of the testimony we should have in the world as we represent Jesus. What can we possibly do to live peaceably with all men?

We find the answers in the verses leading up to Romans 12:18. Our love should be genuine toward people, while hating what is evil. We should seek to outdo each other when it comes to showing honor. We should serve the Lord with zeal and fervency of spirit. We should rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, and be constant in prayer. We should be charitable in meeting other people’s needs. We should bless the people who persecute us, and be empathetic with others, whether it is in joy or sadness. We should maintain humility and seek to do what is the most honorable thing in every circumstance (Romans 12:9-17). All of these activities help us do our part in living peaceably with all men, but are only possible if we intentionally adopt attitudes of Christ-likeness. When we are not intentional to adopt the attitude of Christ, our thoughts, words and actions will only be used to create division and misrepresent Christ to the world. Unfortunately, we see hostility every day, even within churches. May it not be so, but may we be intentional about having an attitude of Christlikeness in order to glorify God in the world.

JUST A THOUGHT: A Christlike attitude makes all the difference.

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