by Mark Clements

Tuesda26:21-25y, July 16

God Can Deliver Us from Our Enemies

1 Samuel 26:21-25

“The LORD render to every man his righteousness and his faithfulness: for the LORD delivered thee into my hand to day, but I would not stretch forth mine hand against the LORD’S anointed. And, behold, as thy life was much set by this day in mine eyes, so let my life be much set by in theeyes of the LORD, and let him deliver me out of all tribulation,” 1 Samuel 26:23-24.

King Saul was desperate to kill David. Driven by pride, malice and an evil spirit, Saul sought David’s extermination because he saw him as a threat to his reign. Because of this, David and his men stayed on the run. One day, it seemed that God had given David the prime opportunity to end Saul’s life and thus restore personal safety. While Saul slept heavily, David snuck into his camp, but instead of killing him, David took the spear and water jug that lay at Saul’s head. David trusted that God would take care of Saul, so instead of killing him, he decided to demonstrate the power of God. The following day, David put some distance between himself and Saul and revealed that though he had the opportunity to kill Saul, he chose to show mercy, trusting that God would take care of him in due time.

Be sure that God will take care of our enemies. Our job is to love everyone and trust the Lord to provide. That does not mean we must put ourselves in danger or trust everyone to do what is right. But it does mean that God knows what is best for us, and He will take care of us no matter what. He alone determines the length of our days and can be trusted to take care of our enemies.

JUST A THOUGHT: Trust the Lord today.

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