Well, now that my rather morbid title has probably made you go…”What?,” let me explain! I am actually studying body parts; I am studying for my first test Monday in Anatomy and Physiology.

Ugh. My daughter took this her first semester and it was NOT easy according to her. That was a regular semester. This is a summer term, so everything is accelerated to double speed.

It’s as if the instructor sawed off the top of student’s heads and just poured information in until it starts running from their toes. Sort of like watering a plant, actually.

This class is actually supposed to pick up where the student’s high school biology classes left off. That’s a great plan if that class was 6 months ago; it’s not quite so good when the class was 39 years ago!

I think it has pushed me over the edge. I have been walking around at work singing “Dem Bones,” and substituting the official anatomical lingo for the song lyrics. As in,

Digital  bone connected to the pedal bone

Pedal bone connected to the calcaneal bone

Calcaneal bone connected to the tarsal bone

And….on it goes.

Those aren’t even the bone names I don’t think LOL. Just the geographical area of the body. We haven’t DONE bones yet.

Anyway, back to my studies now; I just needed a break.