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“If you have not had a decent earthly father in your life, it might be much more challenging for you to grasp God’s love for us a Father”

That is so true, Elihu. The lack of positive fathering, or any real fathering at all, has set entire generations of men into spiritual and life tailspins.

All we can do is try to pass our own legacy to the generation we raise. Since I didn’t do so well the first time, I was blessed to get to raise another family. My own parents didn’t do much in the way of showing me how, but God has certainly shown me the second time around. He’s even shown me how to restore the damage from the first time.

Elihu's Corner

Before I launch into this post, I must apologize for being MIA over the last few weeks. Between wrapping up our school year and taking our family vacation, my writing time has been severely limited. Lord willing, I will continue the series on “Teaching the Truth With Love” next Friday!

Last week, my family visited Arches National Park for the first time. What I treasured most about this trip was not the awesome landscapes, but something far more priceless: a deepening trust and affection between my husband and our children.

The above photo was taken on our first hike. We ascended the somewhat steep trail to Delicate Arch—one of the most famous landmarks in Utah—and two of my three children wanted to skirt the basin and in order to stand beneath the arch.

If you look closely, you might see my family members under that huge arch!


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