Thanks for this straight forward post on how God still feels about sin. We change but He does not. You said this:

“The 18th century English Poet, Alexander Pope wrote that sin is first endured, then pitied, then embraced. There is so much truth in that statement.”

There sure is. Thanks for this, Steve

ready for the road ahead

Sin is deadly. It is a moral and spiritual malignancy. Left unchecked, like cancer, it will spread and ultimately contaminate every corner of our lives. That is why we need to get a handle on even the subtlest sins that we have been tempted to tolerate and pursue the holy life that God desires for all of us.

Over the past few weeks, we have been digging into some of the sins that Christians often seem willing to tolerate. I hope you are beginning to see that sin is such an ugly thing. As Christians, we should learn to hate sin like God hates it. We have been called to leave the life of sin.

In 2 Corinthians 6:17, God calls to come out from a life of sin and be separate. We can live sanctified, set apart lives. We don’t have to live like the world lives. God…

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