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It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit often sends somebody into one’s life to say exactly what you needed to hear!

From Roland Ledoux on the post On Wasted Lives.

This is a great commentary on war, and war in general. However, we as Christians need to be alert and aware for we ARE at war on a greater battlefield and true to this article there are NO unwounded soldiers and in fact many “wounded” are as a result of what this world calls “friendly fire!”

There have already been many battles and skirmishes, but the real heat of the war is just about upon us as evil is becoming more and more blatant and willing to show itself out in the open, no longer hiding in the shadows. We need to be fervently praying and seeking the wisdom from the Lord AND we truly need to realize we are NOT islands unto ourselves. The enemy of our souls would love to get us separated from true Body of Christ (NOT talking denominations) and standing alone so he could TRY and pick us off without one another’s protection. We NEED to have one another’s spiritual backs, for the Armor of God does not change just because we may all belong to some different congregation and the Weapons of our Warfare are NOT dependent upon one church’s theology, but are spiritual and empowered by the Holy Spirit!

We HAVE to fervently pray for one another and encourage one another even more so as we see the battle lines forming and the front lines moving closer and closer!!! To take an analogy from the Lord’s teachings; remember we are fighting on a narrow and straight path and are numbers may not be as great as we think they should be, and the enemy is lining up on a broader and much easier (by the world’s standards) path and has far greater numbers. All the more reason and importance in letting Christ Jesus be the General (Head) and the Holy Spirit to be our Advisor and Strategist!

Thanks brother Wally for this, and now I WILL head over to brother Mel’s and read his post! God bless!