Oh yeah! I loved Carol Burnett and crew, and to this day they crack me up when I get the chance to see that show. I also remember Andy Kaufman and his wonderful Elvis impersonation; that was always such a surprise turn. I wonder if folks like that could be successful today when it seems we have to be shocked with vulgarity to laugh. Great trip to the past, J. Thanks for it.


Tim Conway died this week; he was eighty-five years old. Tim performed on many occasions over the years, but he is best-remembered and best-loved for his comic antics on the Carol Burnett show. Along with Carol and Harvey Korman and Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway would play parts in comedy sketches. Each episode of Carol’s show was taped twice, on consecutive nights, and then the producers would edit the best performances of each night into one broadcast show. After having followed the script on the first night, Tim Conway would often improvise on the second night; his unexpected antics frequently forced his acting partners to burst into laughter on stage. The producers generally chose to broadcast the second-night version, making Tim Conway famous for his ability to take his fellow performers by surprise with his comic wit.

Andy Kaufman died thirty-five years ago today; he was thirty-five years old. Andy may…

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