What a great illustration! We can feast on God’s Word with all the great benefits of spiritual nutrition but without all the side effects of feasting on regular food. Thanks for this brother Jim.

The Domain for Truth

Yesterday I took my mom out to a buffet for Mother’s day.  I normally don’t go to a buffet.  In fact it has been years I have been to this particular buffet: Hometown buffet.

But it got me thinking about the place for feasts in life.

I know if you look at the picture for today’s post it is of American “Thanksgiving” with the pilgrims and native Americans.

But when we think of American thanksgiving most people think of feasting.

So when was the last time you feasted on God’s Word?  That is, you found so much delight in Scripture you spend some time really consuming it and enjoying the Word of God and the truth contained within its pages?  You’re reading the Word of God, being in the Spirit, with a heart of worship and an attitude of awe, wonder and gratitude?

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