In my work, a sizable portion of the folks I work with have dementia. Of course, Fran, having lived it you know that often those folks can remember quite complex things from their life based on how important that thing was. If it ever happens to me, I sure hope one of the things I remember is my God and His work in my life. So, when I reach that point where I can only recall and tell a few things, that will be one of them. Great post, Fran, thanks for it.

God's Grace ~ God's Glory!

At different times in this life, we tend to forget things ~ a person’s name, an event, directions, etc. The human mind is not always under our own control. As we age, time can take its toll on our memory.

As I am nearing my eightieth birthday, losing my memory is not what I want to think about. Still vivid in my mind are those years of caring for my mother, who died at the age of 92 after suffering through years of dementia.

This experience left me with many things to consider, which we have published in our books. For this article, one thing is on my mind.

It is to remind and encourage God’s children to spend time with Him ~ quality time ~ every day, getting to know our heavenly Father through His Word, Jesus Christ,  and communion in His Spirit; and to teach your children.

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