by Beverly Barnett

Thursday, May 9

A Holiday Is Declared Throughout the Land

Esther 9:29-33

“And the decree of Esther confirmed these matters
of Purim; and it was written in the book,” Esther 9:32.

The Festival of Purim was authorized and declared by the authority of Persia’s Prime Minister Mordecai and Queen Esther, under the direction of the Spirit of God. It was called the Feast of Purim, a Persian word which signifies a lot (as in the lot Haman cast to see which day all the Jews would die). Each year the Purim festival would remind the Jewish people of the almighty power of the God of Israel who serves His own purposes even if by the route of ungodly people.

Every year since that declaration, the Jewish people celebrate Purim. They relax one day and give gifts to their neighbors or the poor of their community; then they celebrate with food on the next day. The modern Jews celebrate by reading on both days of the feast the book of Esther in the synagogues. The names of Haman’s ten sons are written down in a certain manner and all the names read in one breath. Whenever Haman’s name is read, all present make a terrible noise, some drum their feet and the boys roll mallets to make noise. To say that Haman and his sons are despised is an understatement. After that, they return home to celebrate God’s deliverance from certain death. Every day we as believers should celebrate the goodness, mercy and justice of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

REFLECTION: Worship God and celebrate Him; be happy He saved you!


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