by Mark Clements

Wednesday, April 3

Nehemiah and the False Praise of His Enemies

Nehemiah 6:1-9

“And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a 
great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?” Nehemiah 6:3.

The work on the wall around Jerusalem progressed quickly. Very soon, the wall was completely enclosed minus the gates and doors. This progress brought out the antagonists; they realized they would be losing their own power. Nehemiah’s enemies tried four different times to coax him to attend a meeting. Each time, Nehemiah responded by telling them he was too busy doing the good work of God to attend any meetings. He knew deep down that they planned to harm him if he attended. Frustrated, his enemies then tried to blackmail Nehemiah. They sent him a letter that charged Nehemiah with treason against King Artaxerxes—accusing him of rebellion against the kingdom. Nehemiah replied with steadfast confidence in what God was doing, and he did not allow the attempted intimidation to affect the work they were doing.

As we labor in the work of God, it can be very easy to become distracted by others. Anytime God grants us a little success in His work, His enemies become threatened at their loss of power. As God’s light increases, the darkness flees which means the enemies of God must retreat. Satan does not like to lose his domain. He will do whatever he can and use whoever is willing, to dishearten, intimidate and attack the people of God. Our response should be exactly the same as Nehemiah’s response; namely, we are too busy doing the good work of the Lord to allow ourselves to be distracted by empty threats. It matters not what men think of us; as long as, we are obedient to God.

JUST A THOUGHT: Enemies may accuse, but God’s Word is all that matters.

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