by Wally Fry

Sunday, March 17

The People Return to the Land of Promise

Ezra 8:31-34

“And we came to Jerusalem, and abode there three days,” Ezra 8:32.

The second wave of Jewish returnees from the captivity had arrived in Jerusalem. After some months of travel from Persia to their homeland, they entered Jerusalem. God’s plan to restore His nation has taken another step forward.

Much more happened here than just a bunch of people hitting the road and moving out. I think we can see a good model for us here of how God’s work, even today, should be carried out.

Ezra, the man called by God, prayed, prepared and made himself ready to proclaim the truth to the people. He made an assessment of the spiritual condition of the assembly and exhorted them to take a look at themselves (Ezra 9; 10). The people were honestly convicted of their trespasses, repented and committed to turning in another spiritual direction (Ezra 9:15). Only then did the work begin and the trip to Jerusalem was made.

This could not have been an easy trip, being some months long through likely hostile territory, into what was also probably an unfriendly place; yet, it was done. Then, the people rested; they “abode there three days” (Ezra 8:32). On the fourth day, they began working again.

What a great example for us today! God still has a plan and purpose, and He still needs those among His called out assemblies to get it done.

JUST A THOUGHT: God has work to be done. Are we in the proper spiritual condition and willing to do it?

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