by Wally Fry

Saturday, March 9

The Blessing of Spiritual Reflection 

Psalm 119:59-60

“I thought on my ways, and turned my feet unto thy testimonies. I made haste, and delayed not to keep thy commandments,” Psalm 119:59, 60.

God has a work, and He has a plan. As we see from the very beginning of humankind to the present day, people do not always go along willingly with God’s plan. God teaches us that His plan will come to pass; yet, it also teaches that we play a role in those plans and their success. Can we reconcile these thoughts? When God’s people get with the plan, we see time and time again that things move forward quickly and the people are blessed.

“I thought on my ways” (verse 59). Before we even try to move forward with God’s plan, we have to understand where we stand in the first place. Next, the psalmist said, “Turned my feet unto thy testimonies.” Once we know where we stand, God’s Word provides the place we need to go when determining what comes next. Finally, the psalmist “made haste, and delayed not” (verse 60). God’s plans are eternal through the ages; yet, they have an urgency for His children right here and right now!

There is an urgency for us today. Those folks knew that the Messiah was coming. Some recognized Him and some did not, but they expected Him. We now know that the Messiah, Jesus, did come; we also know from God’s Word that He is coming back. We desperately need to think on our ways, turn to His Word and make haste. Time for this lost and dying world is running out.

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