From Bruce at Reasoned Cases for Christ

My comment:

Bruce thanks for this great collection of links. Of course, there is much very compelling evidence for Christianity being true; however, as you said, in the end, it is about our hearts and faith. No amount of logic will ever convince a person who refuses to believe to believe. We as believers also ought not to be ashamed that, in the end, our faith is just that….faith. God loves faith. If He loves it, then that is good enough for me.

From the post:

The links below are some of the informational links that are available on the Internet which support the strong cumulative evidence for Christianity. However, before you check them out I think it is prudent to make a quote from J. Warner Wallace’s book entitled Cold Case Christianity with regard to the bias that all of us have.

“Make no mistake about it, all of us have a point of view; all of us hold opinions and ideas that color the way we see the world. Anyone who tells you that he (or she) is completely objective and devoid of presuppositions has another more important problem: that person is either astonishingly naive or a liar.”

What that means for me is that someone who, in his/her heart, fundamentally hates God or refuses to accept the possibility of His existence, and/or does not earnestly seek to know Him, is not going to be persuaded by mountains of evidence and reasoning, however cogently presented. I am not saying that faith is unreasonable or that the Christian faith, in particular, is irrational. Nor am I saying that evidence and rational argumentation are without purpose. Surely reason plays a necessary role in every conversion. But non-believers are fundamentally biased because they refuse to acknowledge the possibility of the existence of God and have either decided to actively or inactively pursue or hold that bias. Conversely, the worldview of those of us who hold onto the belief and trust in the finished work of Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, on the cross for our redemption, hold a different worldview and have accordingly decided to pursue a different bias.

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