From Becky at A Christian Worldview of Fiction.

Becky said, “God is using this time to bring in those who will sit at His banqueting table. And He’s using us to get all the invites out.

What a great point that is. Of course, God wants us to study His Word, and learn it; but, I think sometimes we get so bogged down in the specifics of the future that we forget we still have a very important mission to accomplish in the here and now.

From the post:

When I was little I remember waiting . . . a lot. I remember waiting for my mom when we went shopping. I remember waiting for my birthday, which was hard. I mean, my sister had a birthday, and then four days later, my brother had a birthday. Mine? I had to wait another seven-plus months. Then there was Christmas. As soon as it was over, I remember waiting for the next one. I wanted one of those count-down calendars in the worst way. Anything to make the time seem like it was going.

Oh, and then there were the trips. We took a lot of car trips as a family. And I was one to ask with some frequency, are we there yet? I took up map reading as a way to answer my own question because I could tell, my parents were getting tired of it.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels