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It’s funny. Initially, I was just irritated at some TV preacher and wanted to write that down. Since I have discovered many other good reasons to write a blog. It makes me study the Word when left to my own devices I might not be as disciplined. To write even a post that takes just a minute or two to read takes much more study than that. I also really value the interactions with other believers and hope I can always be a thing that edifies rather than breaks down. I realize now, also, that this little blog reaches to places I will never see, and that may or may not have exposure to the truth of God’s word. When I see a visit from someplace where the Bible can’t really be taught openly, I get a little excitement in my heart. Thanks for this, thinking about why I do this was encouraging to me.

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An out-of-print Christian biography that would only interest a narrow audience (thus I won’t review it) did have some excerpts I want to share with you as a springboard for my own thoughts.

Spiritual maturity

“True spiritual superiority does not assert itself, but makes itself felt. It does not look for acknowledgement, but is acknowledged because real.” (page 155)

– I agree. If someone is the “real deal” spiritually, you usually just know it. It is not what they say or do necessarily, but their spirituality is who they are and you can feel it. You sense Christ in them. If someone is asserting them self as spiritually mature or advanced, well, that is a sign of the opposite. Like humility, that tricky virtue: proclaiming you are humble is a sure sign you are not humble! We need to focus less on ourselves and more on Christ. While there is a time and place to assess yourself spiritually, don’t get stuck there, as you can’t win a race if you keep stopping to assess yourself. It ends up all about you, and that is the antithesis of Christianity. Look to Jesus and run! Hebrews 12:1-2

Purpose of writing or blogging……

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