So, here we are, in the hospital again. My Father in Law is still on hospice but they are managing his care at the hospital. Things turned very rapidly and they could not keep him comfortable at home any longer.

Basically, this thing is in its final hours, so I won’t be posting for a bit. I do have some things to say, though.

As I walk through hospital halls I see people who are…..alone. They are alone in the morning; They are alone in the afternoon, and they are still alone at night.

There is one room where the patient is not alone, nor will he be. As this is written, there are 11 people in the room; there were 18 but some of the family left. Now it’s just kids and grandkids.

Something else makes this room different. Let me preface this by saying that we are extraordinarily sad; the soon absence of our father will be felt for a while. So, people may be confused when they walk by or into this room and hear the sounds of love and laughter.

Soon, my Father in Law will stop breathing. He will not, however, stop living. At the very moment of his passing he will go to be with his Lord to live in Glory forever. He knows this, and we all know this.

So, even with death imminent in the room, joy has trumped it. Come on in, have a sandwich and some tea, listen to some stories, and have some laughs.

Then, somebody is probably going to tell you just where all the joy comes from.