A great one from Mike Ridenour at New Hope For Dry Bones. No, there is no buying one’s way to Heaven, despite the words of this classic song. Too many are struggling and striving to but something that only Jesus can buy for us.

I remember getting the sheet music to Stairway to Heaven and bringing it home to learn to play it on my guitar.  It didn’t sound right.  The sheet music was written for piano and it didn’t sound like the Jimmy Page version.  Later, I learned to play it for guitar and it still didn’t sound like Jimmy Page.

I got tired of trying to sound like Jimmy Page and developed my own style.  Everyone told me they could hear some Jimmy Page in my playing.  Go figure.

Back to the sheet music, it had the piano notation and also they lyrics.  Mom sat down and read the lyrics (which I thought were really cool lyrics).

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